Teems EP

by SSRIs

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Released digitally June 2008, CD released June 2009.


released June 29, 2008

Joseph Hirabayashi - Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Elliot Langford - Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Tommy Milburn - Drums



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SSRIs Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Honest
It’s warm inside
While searching for a partner
Elaborated procreation
Put your hands together

It’s natural selection
In a culture of assumptions
Loneliness prevails
When you put on your clothes

You’re not in love with life, you’re just addicted to feeling
Searching for the truth in a pretty little painting.
Called out by some name, established personal being.
Personality by design, contractual obligation.

You’re honest
You’re honest
You’re honest
What’s honesty?
Track Name: Parade
Parading around
with fantasies
technically sparkling
and glossy

Parading around
like a disease
first come first serve
with no guarantees

Parading around
horns are blaring
step on shoulders
beat our biology

Parading around
no pain no gain
onward men onward men
Dodging all shame

Parading around
With fantasies
technically sparkling
and glossy

Parading around
Like a disease
First come first serve
with no guarantees

I can’t keep up with this pace X16
Track Name: Domino, Domino
Flicked the switch on
Foggy over the hill
Always 30 below
Flicked the switch off

got a cough
took some drops

keeping it clean
took a bath
washed hair
scrubbed hands

After A there’s B then C

Open up the closet
Everything looks the same
Make plans for the evening
Keep dinner tame

Move around the furniture
Make sure everything is neat
Look out the window
Through the reflection of a flickering tv

This is the way it’s always been
This is the way it’s always been

On and off
Off and on
On and off
Track Name: CPDEP
Sure, you’re right, we’re vague
you say drowning, I say swimming
comb my hair, and paint my skin
conquer the hill, make a pyramid

pockets full of slogans
they worked before, they’ll work again
train my eyes to make me function
cradle me like a baby

do your worst.

comma, period, dash, exclamation point
score one for the opposition
check mark, tick box, alliteration, rhyme
muscles in the shape of a smile

you’re sitting on a syntax
stuffing holes with putty

so do your worst.
Track Name: Dollar Sounds
What is this worth?

Why did you create this?
What is it worth?

What can sounds do?
What do you use them for?

What can sounds do?

Shaving off chips
Carving out an imprint
Molding into form
The clay in these hands
Feels wet and cold
It’s malleable
Finishing touches
Now it sits and
Senses assess