Effeminate Godzilla​-​Sized Wind Chimes

by SSRIs

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released June 18, 2010

Joseph Hirabayashi - Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Trumpet
Elliot Langford - Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Aaron McKinney - Bass
Tony Dallas - Drums



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SSRIs Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Certain Set Configuration
Worn in pair of pants
on skinny old legs.
putting on parentheses, putting on parentheses.
inventing inconsistencies, inventing inconsistencies.
and everyone and everything
and everyone and everything
is you.

On a sphere, turbulent.
sand between your toes is cold.
pockets full of thoughts and games,
flowing down the drain.
supported by bits and pieces,
really hard, really needy.
looking for some fish to catch.
everything’s a wave.
we’re moving,
up and down, up and down.
side to side, side to side.
likewise motion, sick to stomach,
walking around in bare feet.
took control, what’s control?
Something bought, something owned,
and a certain set configuration’s you.

A round or two of hallucinations,
nothing false exists in nature.
and all the while you’re waiting patiently
for something called the future.
turning round in circles,
til you get the spins, get the spins.
playing dress up with your work clothes,
comforting, it’s comforting.
homogenous puddles of water.
drip, drip, drip, drip.
common sense lives in perception.
sip, sip, sip, sip.
nothing’s made of every thought,
just like perfect circles.
and a certain set configuration’s you.

Worn in kettle of skin,
boiling, boiling, boiling.

Worn in kettle of skin,
boiling, boiling, boiling.
Track Name: Making Sense
Pain’s panicking
he turned away
said “I am just an experience,”
a picture on display.

so come out
and play
with me
i’ll wait.

i got a migraine
do you know what i mean?
i forgot to tell you something
do you remember what it was?

calling out
all heads
watch out
it’s making sense.

i’m a speck.
Track Name: Clay Faced, Meat Boots
Clay faced, meat boots, early morning.
Big man, big gun, calling card.
Jingle, jangle, marching music.
Siren, slogan, funeral song.

Talking, talking, talking out
Foul mouthed, temper tantrum,
Foolish little boy making things out of words.
Hiding stars with makeup.
The future will expose us.
I’m turning myself in.
I’m turning myself in.

Once upon a time
You fell down a hole.
Got tricked into thinking
That you’re made out of gold.
You’re looking for answers, well look to nature.
Chimps eat each other, yeah chimps eat each other.

Hey you feudal, high rolling conquistador,
Get out of yourself, get out of yourself.

Hey you worry wart, technocratic isolate,
Get out of yourself, get out of yourself.

Hey you careless garbage inventor,
Get out of yourself, get out of yourself.

Hey you blue man, badge in hand stressor.
Get out of yourself, get out of yourself.
Track Name: You + I
Hatched out of an egg in a bad nest,
Underfed, under slept and feathers messed,
Started off the race with a broken leg,
Do you blame the chicken or the egg?

And you say, if it comes down to you or I,
You’d pick yourself, and wouldn’t I?
Track Name: Rows
Checked the calendar,
Another day gone,
Learned to count,
Lost my place.

Laid out in a row, tiles
Laid out in a row, stairs

Laid out in a row, teeth
Laid out in a row, eyes
Laid out in a row, hair
Laid out in a row, people

Laid out in a row.
Track Name: Empathy For A Psychopath (Furry Stuffed Animal)
I’ve got a furry stuffed animal
With black beady eyes and soft white fur.
Legs and arms sewn on with thread.
Dirt stains on his paws and head.
I’ve got a furry stuffed animal,
He’s soft to touch, comfy to cuddle.
With clear uneven whiskers,
And a single flapped over ear.
Track Name: Weathered Floor
the lamp shines on the floor
exposing cracks and imprints of dirt
and the wood breathes crevices
and the floor boards reluctantly
stay in the family

beneath it all hides nothing
and his brother, and his sister

and we keep thinking about each other
and the floor gets thinner
and the room gets dimmer

i keep changing
so call me the weather
i keep changing
so call me the weather
dry biscuits, coffee, tea, whatever…
i keep changing
so call me the weather.
Track Name: More More
I'm a glutton at a gourmet all you can eat luncheon,
I'm a car that goes an hour on a tank of gas,
I'm a cigarette butt in a daycare playground,
I'm a bottomless shopping cart waiting to be filled,
I'm a face whose skin you can't see through layers of makeup,
I'm a church placing bibles in Holiday Inns,
I'm the meatball in the bun on the Styrofoam tray in the trash,
I’m always going up never down.

Spin around.

We're going down an endless road where the stores are all closed,
The threads have come loose you can see that we've got holes in our clothes,
We're victims of expectancy of infinite growth.

So what do we do?
When we get,
Where are we going?
What is next?
What do we do?

Don't stop.
Track Name: Ayn Randy
I heard some talk about escape
But what do you consider restraint?
Will we not stop until we touch the sun
With our bare hands?

I heard some talk about an inventor.
Inventing a problem in order to create the cure,
He got his dad's eyes and his name from Jesus.
He has his mom's lips and the ambition of Icarus.

When he goes for a swim, he drinks the lake dry.
He only wishes for one thing and that's never to die.
He creates the rules in order to win.
He can't separate fact from fiction.

When there's no way to cross he invents a bridge.
Made of enemy bones and their children.
When he doesn't get his way he stomps his feet.
Red in the face, anger fills him with heat.

He'll invent a way, to make you a slave,
And you'll be convinced, that it's for your own sake.

You ask for too much.
Track Name: Invisible Hand-jobs (Flavours)
Flavours, flavours, flavours.
Scented behaviors.
We know you think, we know you think.
But what do you think about?

Flavours, flavours, flavours
Mouth dried up like rivers.
Brand new piece of plastic.
Happiness measured in a basket.

Function: digger.
Deeper deeper,
Function: digger.
Deeper deeper.

Fear the reaper,
Fear the reaper,
Function: digger.
Deep deep deeper.

Make no mistake you want me
So come and get me
You can take me in a fight
So come and get me

Bait me, paint me gentrify me
You can take me in a fight
So come and get me.